Johannes Brahms. German Requiem

Johannes Brahms. German Requiem


 National Philharmonic of Ukraine

The National Honored Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine and the National Honored Academic Chapel of Ukraine DUMKA under the leadership of conductor Andriy Savchuk will perform the legendary "German Requiem" by Brahms.

On Good Friday, 1868, the premiere of the final version of Johannes Brahms' German Requiem took place in Bremen, a work that brought the young composer lifelong recognition. The perception of this work at that time was not unambiguous everywhere - some of the clerics did not perceive the free structure of the "German Requiem", which differs from the canonical one. However, it was important for Brahms to move away from established church dogmas and create a large-scale musical canvas in which the beauty and greatness of sincere human experiences are celebrated.

Having just experienced the loss of his mother, Brahms understood how strong the pain of loss can be and how much a person needs consolation. Despite the fact that "German Requiem" is a funeral mass, it is full of comfort, light and faith in the future.

Soloists: Anastasia Povazhna (soprano), Mykola Kushnirenko (baritone)

Johannes Brahms. "German Requiem" in seven parts:

1. “Blessed are they who bear suffering”
2. “For all flesh, it is as grass”
3. “Lord, teach me”
4. “How lovely are thy dwellings”
5. “You now have sadness”
6. “For here we have no lasting place”
7. “Blessed are the dead”

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