Страсті за Тарасом

Evhen Stankovych. Passion for Taras

Year 2013
Composer Evhen Stankovych
Conductors Yevhen Savchuk
Volodymyr Sirenko
Perfomers The National Academic Choral Capella "DUMKA"
The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
Soloists Oleksandr Boiko, Anatolii Pohribnyi, Yevhen Nyshchuk (reciter)
  • "All my hope..." ("Mary")
  • "Prophet"
  • "Everyone has their own destiny..." ("Dream")
  • "Days pass..." ("Days pass, nights pass...")
  • "Why am I sad, why am I bored..."
  • "They rang all the bells..." ("Heretic")
  • "Days pass, nights pass"
  • "Our soul does not die" ("Caucasus")
  • "A cherry orchard by the house"