The National Academic Choral Capella



"National Academic Chapel of Ukraine "DUMKA" - this is a first-class group of singers whose voices create a wonderfully robust sound
with a characteristic velvety color,
while also possessing an unsurpassed sense of tempo."

- Gramophone

The National Academic Choral Capella "Dumka" (abbreviation for Ukrainian State Travelling Capella) is the icon and tradition-setter of choral performance in Ukraine today. Founded in 1919 and over the years lead by such outstanding conductors as Nestor Horodovenko, Oleksandr Soroka, Pavlo Muravskyi, Mykhaylo Krechko, "Dumka" established its own choral traditions and performance style. Since 1984 it has under the able leadership of the outstanding conductor and Shevchenko Prize laureate, academician Yevhen Savchuk.

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"DUMKA" in France


 Concert venues of France

In pre-Christmas time, "DUMKA" will give a series of concerts in France. With the concert program "The Most Beautiful Melodies of Ukraine", the band will perform in Paris, Lille, Amiens, Dunkirk and Strasbourg.

Carmina Burana: The Netherlands Tour

 5-23 November 2023

 Concert venues in the Netherlands

The "DUMKA" chapel is going on a foreign concert tour to present "Carmina Burana" by Karl Orff to the Dutch public. This project is a continuation of the concert series of 2019, 2021 and 2022, which gathered full halls and broke attendance records.

Ukraine. Music of War

 October 8, 2023


 National Philharmonic of Ukraine

As part of the closing concert of the XXXIV International Festival "Kyiv Music Fest-2023", the "DUMKA" choir and the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine will present Yevhen Stankovych's "Music of War" to the world public.

Latest project

Bortnianskyi's choral concertos

The National Academic Choral Capella "DUMKA" presents the publication of the first in independent Ukraine edition of 35 spirit choral concertos a capella by our great compatriot Dmytro Bortnyansky. This publication is based on the Peter Tchaikovsky edition (1881), the 1925 edition (Lviv) and the 1974 reprint (Toronto). For reasons of practical performance, the compiler has added some minor adjustments without breaking Tchaikovsky edition.

The project is implemented with the support of The National Ukrainian Music Union and The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.



The choir performs pieces in various genres, eras, styles and countries, combined into 4 concert programs.



"DUMKA" touring geography includes the leading Ukrainian concert venues and world stages.



In its concert and studio work the choir collaborates with outstanding conductors, singes and collectives.