Ukraine. Music of War

Ukraine. Music of War

 October 8, 2023


 National Philharmonic of Ukraine

As part of the closing concert of the XXXIV International Festival "Kyiv Music Fest-2023", the "DUMKA" choir and the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine will present Yevhen Stankovych's "Music of War" to the world public.

The closing of one of the largest and oldest Ukrainian forums of modern academic music will traditionally take place at the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. Traditionally, it will also be a large-scale concert of symphonic music with the participation of a choir and soloists, which should demonstrate the power of the Ukrainian school of composers and performance, be etched in the listener's memory as a vivid memory for the next "Kyiv Music Fest". 

Resonating with current events, the theme of the final concert will be war. Modern reality cannot but find a response in the souls and hearts of artists who write their "chronicles of the war" in their own way. The chronicle of tragic events was recreated by Yevhen Stankovich in the three-part orchestral and choral piece "Ukraine. Music of War". 

The world premiere of Yevhen Stankovych's monumental work will be performed by the National Honored Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine under the direction of Volodymyr Sirenko, the National Honored Academic Chapel of Ukraine "DUMKA" under the direction of Yevhen Savchuk, violinist Nazarii Pilatyuk and pianist Yevhen Hepliuk.